By: Oluwatoyosi Adegunle
dear 9-5er
Over the years, there’s been an obvious paradigm shift in how people do their work. Expectations required of an employee have expanded, because they want more. Leaders/Managers/Employers in a corporate firm have specific basic expectations from their staff that would not be subconsciously disclosed, even if you ask during the interview or when you eventually get the job. If all hands being on deck was not important for your Employers, then, employment is not necessary. TOGETHER, EVERYBODY ACHIEVES MORE (TEAM) – this is the sole purpose of employment.
Regardless of your job description, position and nature or the technicalities involved in carrying out your duties, your employer expects you to be the following:

  1. Be efficient
  2. Own your job
  3. Be intelligent
  4. Possess the critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  5. Be the best at what you do
  6. Ask questions
  7. Possess the team spirit

Employers tend not to like or appreciate a consistently inefficient worker. The highest risk in a corporate firm is actually employment. The CV is like the bank of a river, you do not know what lies in the river itself. The process of employment is one I’d like to regard as a mutual process of trust. The only thing your employer knew about you was in your CV and the interview, while, the only thing you knew about the company was whatever you read or heard about them, so, your employer had expectations and trust that you’d do well, otherwise.
If your CV says you are highly committed and efficient, don’t intentionally or subconsciously be anything less than that. Be the best at the very thing you are employed to do. Posses the skills of critical thinking, that is ability to think on your feet and provide solutions to problems that concerns your job. The very blunt truth is that you are actually being paid to do 70% of the thinking. Ask questions in cases where you are not clear about certain things, and avoid being over confident in your skills.
Don’t be anything less than your CV. Be more, be the best. First, you’ll be proud of yourself and enjoy work more, then, you’ll accord yourself the due respect.


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