You won’t believe Nigeria has quite a number of awesome resort places that will blow your mind away. When you see what the following pictures, you might ask same questions. However, a lot of people may not be aware and that is the aim of this article. After seeing reading this article, you should consider any of these places for your next holiday vacation.
1. Yankari Games Reserve
Yankari Reserve is a wildlife park located in the South-Central part of Bauchi state. It covers an area of 2,244km. Rich with plants and animals, and warm springs. Yankari also have Games Reserve as well as cosy lodge and exotic restaurants where you can eat memorable meals.
Animals such as hippopotamus, crocodiles, primates, wild ox, waterbucks, and bushbucks are present.
Hiking and swimming are common activities at Yankari Games Reserves. The best time to visit is during the dry season (March-April) where you see most of the animals. Yankari is a good wildlife photography location. If you’re a photographer ( or not), just go there with your camera.

2. Omu Resort, Lagos
Omu Resort is located around the Epe area of Lagos state. It occupies a whopping 22 hectares of land.
Omu Resort has so much activities that you might most of your time there without doing any. It’s numerous. From go-karting to paintballing. They also offer great waterfront sitting amongst other fun activities. Now don’t guess the price, it’s so affordable so you can so much fun and relaxation for so much for very little.They offer a new amusement ride as well as jet skiing zone which will literally take your breath away.
Whether with for friends hangouts, family vacation or just personal retreat, Omu Resort offers you just about everything you want for time out including wildlife.
Next time you have a time off work or you are planning your honeymoon, a visit to any of these places, give going to Dubai or Paris a second thought.There’s beauty enough at home too.

3. Ibeno Beach, Akwa-Ibom
ibeno beach
Ibeno beach is located in Eket, Akwa-Ibom. Its wideness of over 45km is discovered to be the largest beach in West Africa, and one of the largest in Africa is wowing. The white sand dunes located at the beach have found a way to maintain their position over the years without receding with the ocean line.
The waves of the ocean at Ibeno depends greatly on the seasons of the year, thereby making it unstable. When the tides are low, they can recede as much as 100m, when high, they have an elevation as high as 30m.
If you are a lover of water sports then Ibeno beach is definitely for you. If you are not, not to worry, you can bury yourself in the beach sand or get yourself immersed in the pool.
In the end, it’s fair to and cool for all and sundry.

4. Abraka Turf and Country Club, Delta
Virtually the only horseback-rider resort in Nigeria, Abraka Turf and Country Club boasts of a unique touch of elegance and resort. It is surrounded by the tropical rainforest and bordered by the mysterious Ethiope River. The Turf offers you that feel of luxury that is just about right to help you ease off stress.
The tropical sunrise and sunset can be seen from every room, giving you the best view from your window.
Horse-riding and hiking are two common activities in Abraka Turf. The equestrian set up offers the perfect environment for horse-riding.
The early bird songs that awakes you from sleep makes you want to reside there.
Accommodation at the Turf is highly exotic as well, serving you a royal treatment.

5. Obudu Mountain Resort
Formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, this Mountain Resort, located on the Obudu, Cross-River state, was developed as far back as 1951 by McCaughley when he first explored the mountain range. The resort was refurbished by the former governor, Donald Duke in 2005. The resort is blessed with a wonderful scenery with a cable car conveying tourists over the landscape so as to enjoy the view.
Obudu resort also has a good number of exotic lodges, restaurants and places to swim. Obudu is a good place to be for adventurous people but best place to be in the company other adventurous others, I mean friends.

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