Adesua Etomi Wellington has once again proved she is a force to be reckoned with in the Nollywood industry. The wedding party star was in April ranked by Vogue magazine alongside Hollywood’s superstar, Scarlett Johansson, as part of the world’s best actresses and we all agree. She further confirmed how versatile she is in the trailer for action thriller ‘Muna’ which is set to hit cinemas later this year.
On June 3, KevStel TV released the official trailer for Kevin Nwankwor’s much anticipated actions packed film, ‘Muna’ and Adesua brought life to her role by displaying excellent martial art skills. Since the movie was first announced in 2017, pictures of Adesua having martial arts training in preparation for the role has flooded the internet leaving fans excited and earnestly anticipating its release. The release of the full length trailer has further exhilarated the fans and her acting skills have been widely applauded as a result. She has once again displayed her versatility as not many of her contemporaries/senior colleagues could have pulled off the role has amazingly as she displayed in the trailer.
The movie Muna tells the story of a spirited girl called Muna (played by Adesua) who has a result of her driving desire for a better life leads her into the hands of traffickers. The experience turns her once golden heart into one driven by a quest for revenge on all those who stole her innocence and she ends up finding love along the way. Will she remain a prisoner of her past or allow the power of love to set her free? Muna also features stars like Onyeka Owenu ,Falz,Ebele Okaro,Kor Boakye and several others. The trailer alone offers assurance that Adesua is going to deliver a breathtaking performance as she always does. Adesua continues to prove that she is not afraid to take on new challenges in the unchartered territories of the Nollywood. It seems Nigeria has just found its Angelina Jolie.


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