By Bolu Martins

Nigeria is a place of splendor, indeed, and just like the stars, when you think that you’ve seen it all you won’t have to look far to see something mind blowing. There are so many amazing places in Nigeria, so many that we are unaware of. So many that are waiting eagerly like unexploited mines to be explored. It would shock one the plethora of amazing places in the city we reside in or in our hometowns that we don’t know of, in which, according to its splendor and beautiful history, deserves to be one of the wonders of the world.


Sitting elegantly on the mountain top of Kanjuru village is the high and mighty castle, the Kanjuru Castle. This breathtaking haven was built in the space of two years, between 1978 to 1983 by a German expatriate, then, which was his private residence. Solidly built with granite stones, it is recorded to be one of the well preserved castles in Africa. It’s pure medival architecture has earned it, amongst other things, as a tourist site. It mm is located 40km from the state capital, Kaduna.


This collection of caves are entrances into another world. Located in Ogbunike, Anambra State, in a valley. Ogbunike Caves has been in existence for centuries. It has about 317 steps leading into the big chambers. History has it that these flight of steps were constructed by the Ambers state government in the 90’s. This rock isn’t just majestic, it holds spiritual significance for the people there: the ‘Ime Ogba’ celebration is done to commemorate the discovery of the caves. mmOut of the ten tunnels in the cave flows warm water into a river called Nkissa, and the river flows into the cave.


Dr Ladi Kwali was the first female potter in Nigeria whose works were known for its elegant simple yet beautiful designs. After her death, a center was commissioned after her in Suleja, Niger State, her state of origin. The LadI Kwali Pottery Center is a place to be if you appreciate creative arts, or you wish you could. Right there, one get to see first hand the intricacies of pottery, and one would not but fall in love with arts. It is a place to be. It is widely recognized all over the world.


Established in the year 1985. This place is one of the amazing and fascinating places to visit especially for all those who just heard of read about the war. The National War Museum, Umuahia, Abia State has served as a memorial of one of the events that made history in Nigeria – the civil war of 1960. This place houses collection of armament, weapons, army tanks and aircraft used by the Nigerian army and the defunct Biafran army. It was also where the ‘ Voice of Biafra’, the radio station controlled by the Leader of Biafra, Late, Gen. Odumegwu Ojokwu, was aired..


If you are one who loves to have a real great time when you can, this is the perfect place. This is one of the great places to visit, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel. Spread across the Island is this 5 star hotel in Nigeria’s epicenter, Lagos. It is a hallmark of quality and exquisite taste. Among it fascinating qualities are clean, clear pool; a spa that gives satisfactory services, with a wellness center; well furnish rooms, with breath taking view of the lagoon xd; and top notch, royal services. It is a 5km drive from the Muritala Mohammed Airport.


This is highest waterfall in West Africa – it is certainly a place to visit. It boasts of a lush ambience and cool water. It is place to have fun and relax. Owu Waterfalls Cassandra from about 330 feet high over a rocky cliff. It is located in Kara State..

There are plethora of amazing places to visit in Nigeria that are worth seeing. Traveling and exploring is good for the body and mind. It opens one up to new facts and beauty, and most of all helps us to appreciate the beauty in Nigeria, our father land. Take time to visit these places and give yourself and the family a good treat.


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