corporate behaviours

A workplace is where professional activities are carried out. Behaviour, simply put is the way to act in a place, at a given time. Several workplaces have different rules and approach to work.  Some workplaces are overly informal, which means that everyone can wear what they want, act how they want, address people informally, and are generally very flexible.  There’s a tendency that creatives are in this category of flexible and informal approach to work, just because Content is king, hence their creators should be worshiped and allowed to ‘do anyhow ‘ (Just kidding!).

While some workplaces are flexible, some are highly uptight with their rules which are quite understandable. It is important to note that corporate behaviors are relative to different personnel and industries. However, there are some universal behaviours that should be upheld in every workplace:

  • Team work: This doubles as a skill and behaviour that everyone must possess. You must learn how to work with your team members to achieve a common goal. It’s as simple as carrying people along and informing them about the latest development on a project or task.  Nobody likes to be the last man!
  • Neatness: Irrespective of how flexible your work is, you must always be neat. However you chose to dress, ensure that you’re always presentable and not looking unkempt.
  • Polite: There’s a workplace policy that allows you to address your colleagues by their first name freely without adding Mr, Mrs, or Ms. I believe the motive behind this is to create a work atmosphere where people are comfortable with each other regardless of their age, position or status, which is absolutely fine. However, you should learn to be polite and respectful to your colleagues. Give honour to whom it is due. Anyone you work with deserves your respect and not disrespect or unruly behaviour.
  • Timeliness: This is another corporate behaviour in a workplace that should be strictly adhered to. You have to be an early bird. It might not be easy sometimes, but you have to find a way around it.  Turn in projects or tasks a day before the deadline, report to work as early as possible and don’t be a step behind, but ahead.
  • Communication: One of my favorite quotes is ‘communication is key’. There is power in communication. Regardless of your job role or industry, communication skills are inevitable. You have to be able to send mails, present your ideas or thoughts in writing or verbal mode, coordinate a meeting, or speak to your colleagues about an issue. Workplace communication basically involves mails, reports, presentations, meetings and much more. You have to learn how to do this, because you can be called upon anytime to present a report on behalf of your department. Always be prepared.
  • Maintain a modest romantic relationship in your workplace if you have one. It is possible that you find love in your workplace which is totally fine, because love can find you anywhere, right? While you’re in this relationship, it is not okay to flaunt it around the workplace.  You shouldn’t be seen with your partner cuddling, holding hands or engaging in Public display of affection (PDA) during work hours. This is not professional, and can lead to loss of job. Love is a beautiful thing, I’m sure you don’t want to lose your job because of love.  Let’s be guided!
  • Be professional in your dealings.  Don’t get too familiar with your colleague that you can’t uphold the professional standards of your job anymore.  Always deliver, always be at the top of your game , own your job and put in your best in everything you do.

There are numerous benefits of sticking to your workplace ethics.  No employer likes to deal with people that always have something against the ethics or code of conduct.  It’s okay to speak out when you’re not comfortable with some thing, it is also not okay to break a rule more than once. Compliance can give you promotion or award you accolades, which will in turn encourage you to do more and be a better person.  A workplace should grow you as much as you grow that place.  Whatever ethics you have to deal with in your current place of work is set to build you and mould you into a fine career man or woman.


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