By: Oluwatoyosi Adegunle
Entrepreneurship is anything born out of passion, skill, and knowledge that can yield reasonable returns. It’s not just the process of buying and selling goods. It’s the lifestyle of promoting your goods or services, engaging the right followers or audience with great contents about your goods or services, and converting them into potential customers. This is a process that requires the right skills such as consistency, efficiency and Excellence.
Simply put, you could be a writer and be an entrepreneur; you could be a voice over artiste and be an entrepreneur, as long as you know how to convert your skills and knowledge into a source for making money.
As an entrepreneur, never ever think that you have financial freedom automatically when you find yourself in this field. Entrepreneurship is the road to financial freedom and it takes patience to finally get there.
You need to understand why you do what you do. This would help you to keep pushing when the rainy days come. Is it born out of passion? Is it born out of your desire for fame? Is it born out of your desire to get rich and independent on time? Whatever it is, make sure you stick with the right reasons, because the wrong motives for entrepreneurship may lead you astray.
As an entrepreneur, you will spend and sacrifice more money, time and attention. It might look like your efforts are not significant; on days like this, one of the major things that keep you going is your love for what you do.
I’m a hairstylist. I do it because I love it. I’ve had challenges in the past that made me consider giving up on it, but I have a dream, I have a purpose, and I am Hairnthusiastic. I have never thought that entrepreneurship is a bed full of roses (even some roses have thorns). It comes with its own challenge /hurdle but it’s more fun when you love what you do.
The sole purpose of entrepreneurship is to make money and to be free financially, what if you don’t enjoy what you do to make money? In my own opinion, you might not thrive for too long.


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