“I realized self doubts are most often demons that the mind uses to hinder us from making changes in order to keep us within the comfort zone” – ADAMSON IBRAHIM

Adamson Ibrahim is a graduate of  Obafemi Awolowo university, where he bagged a Diploma and B.A in Fine and Applied Arts  He was one of the selected 20 young entrepreneurs during the Lagos Enterprise Summit. Adamson works in Nollywood as a Weapon constructor and special effect makeup artist.

This young and vibrant man shares with DOXA magazine about his work life and experience, while giving us a piece of his mindset and how it drove him to success.

How long have you been in the field?

Approximately 2 years.

 Give us brief gist on how you started?

Well, I kind of fell into  that line of work. I was a Fine and applied arts student in the Obafemi Awolowo University when it all started. I’ve always been intrigued by horror and crime sceneries but I never knew I would end up working in the movie world, i wanted to do something outside the regular painting like Théodore Géricault, which led to my unconscious dive into special effects.

I did more researches on it thereafter, practiced a lot, and followed up works of professionals. It became a part of me that  I can’t go days without practicing or doing anything special effects related. I wasn’t trained or tutored under anyone. All makeup, prosthetics and weapon props technique however are the results of watching a lot of movies, paying attention to real occurrences and real weapons (physically and online).

After a while, I crossed paths with my first producer(Samuel Olasehinde Ajirebi) and that’s how It started.

Who and who do you look up to?

Ve Neil, Hakeem Onilogbo, Mike Tristano and other great artists around the world

What is the most challenging thing about your career?

Traveling with weapon props and having to explain to every policeman at check points that I’m a movie person (with or without documents and Identification card).

Have you ever had the thought of quitting?

Well, Yes!


Self doubt and lack of capital were my major challenges as a start up. It was quite difficult achieving whatever I had in mind. When I started out newly, I improvise most times, I would use my red acrylic paint as blood , soldering paste as wax, but giving up was never an option I could consider, so I kept on pushing and gradually, we are getting there.

Many times I did ask myself how I would cope in this tasking line without a tutor, but I realized self doubts are most often demons that the mind uses to hinder us from making changes in order to keep us within the comfort zone.

So I stepped up and gave it a shot.


Though I have not gotten there yet but I believe with consistency and God’s grace, i am getting there soon.

We love that courage

Smiles! Thank you

Who has been your support system since you started

My ever-supportive Parents & Siblings, Omotola Adebayo, Pmedia, friends and every amazing people around me who have supported in one way or the other.

Any word for younger people who are planning to choose this path of career

Well I will say, First, Be sure it’s what you want to do and secondly, like every other art related professions, constant practice and researches matters a lot. Change the game for good while you can, give the world something new

Consistency and diligence has been proven overtime by Adamson Ibrahim. We cannot wait to see him at the top he’s aiming for.

Here are some of his works.


  1. There are more talents in this country, only if the media can open eyes on them. I’ve worked with Adamson personally, he’s passionate, determined, and always ready to learn.


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