By Bolu Martins

Marriage proposals has always been a big deal and it still is. Next to the big day, ladies fantasize about how and when their men would drop on one knee and pop the big question – “will you marry me?”. It is noteworthy that a great, heartwarming proposal is an offshoot of excellent preparation – all the variables must be perfect.

One of the most important variable that men worry about is not the how, nor the when, but the where. Most men want to engage their women when she is unsuspecting, more like a pleasant surprise. However, the dilemma is ‘where would she love it best?’ or ‘ where is the best spot to propose to a lady?’. Stay with me as I unravel the best spot to propose to any lady that would leave an awesome memory in her heart.

If you have been thinking of somewhere soft, romantic, private, budget friendly, and most importantly, somewhere she would love; or somewhere you can do something romantic, expensive and glamorous? Don’t think too far, think of the beach and here’s why the beach is the best spot for proposals.


Beaches are ubiquitous:

Beaches are everywhere. You don’t have to travel far to find a beach in Nigeria. Although, not all the states in Nigeria has beach, you can still find them in major cities like Lagos, Rivers, just to mention a few. This is exactly what we need because, as mentioned earlier. Proposals are meant to come off as surprises and beaches are perfect for surprises; it is really unsuspecting. Taking her to the beach to her may just seem to her as one of those romantic gestures of yours.


Beaches are very romantic:

According to research done among teenagers and young adults, the beach tops the list of the romantic spot to hang out with one’s lover. This place doesn’t just work for young people, but also the elderly. There is something magical about the beach. The pristine water, soft sand, daring waves and luscious wind. It is mesmeric. This is where to be, you and your lover. With the fresh breeze tantilizing her skin, falling on one knee would blow her mind.


Beaches are perfect for budget friendly proposals:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to go to the beach or propose on the beach. It is budget friendly. You can pull off something creative and memorable, and also economical. You really don’t have to go OTT.


Beaches are great for a glamorous proposal:

I have seen very glamorous proposals pulled off at beach, believe me, they were breathtaking: lit candles on the sand, fireworks, rain of roses, dinner on the beach e.t.c. Anything creative that comes to mind, you can definitely pull it off at the beach.


Beaches can be private:

If your woman is one who loves her life private and you know she would want you to proposal to her in the presence of a few friends, nothing to elaborate. The beach is also great for this. She may not totally get the exact privacy she wants, but it wouldn’t be too loud.


Beaches are the plug for attention:

As private as the beach can be on some days, it can be the perfect opposite on some days. It can be full as a party. And if you want to shower her with a lot of attention from people, you kow, a lot of ‘wows’ and ‘awwn’ can make her cry. The beach is the plug for this.


The choice spot for proposal are always based on the taste of the lady, her personality and temperament. However, everyone loves at least an element of nature. The beach gives it all – the beautiful view of the sky, clear rushing water, mesmerizing wind and caressing soft sand. Who wouldn’t fall for that?


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