“You have a vision no one else sees? Roll up your sleeves” – this is a line from the song ‘Conqueror ‘ by Jussie Smollet featuring Estelle, from the popular movie ‘Empire’.
A good number of people seek to solve a problem, meet up with a standard, achieve a goal, follow ambitions, showcase talents, share knowledge, express skills, and generally evolve into being a better individual in all ramification. These desires, goal, dreams, ambitions and standards are personal and will take a lot to convince someone to see through your lens. It’s hard to convince people to buy your idea, see your goals, or key into your desires. You might be lucky enough to have friends and family that believes in you, nonetheless, take note of the following:

1. Take it personal
Take it Perssonal
This is your dream, goal, ambition, passion and desire, you have to take it seriously. Plan, prepare and work towards your goal. Do the things you have to do to get to where you want. Nobody believes in your dream than you do. If you have a standard for your career or business, taking it personal simply means that you invest focus and consistency in your plans.

2. Branding
dirty job - DOXA
Learn how to invest money in your personal growth and development. Every height you intend to attain, at some point requires that you spend money either to take paid online courses, Pay for CV review, buy necessary equipment for your business. This is the most difficult part of actualizing your dreams, and the reality is that you can’t avoid spending on your growth and development all round. Be prepared for this and include it in your plan.

3. Just start
dirty job - DOXA
Starting is relative. How you start depends on your resources and readiness. You may not have all that it requires to start actualizing your dreams, but don’t sit idle doing nothing, start something- this is true progress. If you intend to own a YouTube channel, you don’t need to have three Cameras , and rent an expensive space that you can’t afford to shoot your videos. If you can afford cameras and other equipment or resources, you can get them, but if you can’t, you have to make do with what you have and start something, with time, you’ll grow into the big picture. Start big or start small, the most important part is that you start doing something.

4. Do the dirty job yourself
dirty job - DOXA
These days, everyone wants to be called a C. E. O, which is a very good title, but don’t be so quick to assume this position in your mind and actions, thereby leaving out the core activities and actions that propels success in your ambitions. Always participate in working towards your goal, until you can afford to leave it to employees. For example, if you intend to own a Salon, until you can afford to employ people to do what you do that adds excellence to your brand, don’t hesitate to put on your apron and work!! Do not be deceived by titles, stay focused, get involved in your dream, do what you have to do yourself to promote excellence and stability.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail “ . Success is attainable when you own your dream and work towards it, when you determine to give it all it takes, when you are focused and consistent with what you do, and when you roll up your sleeves to really work. Pay your dues at the right time, you’ll reap the benefits soon.


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