When it comes to food, tech isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However technology over the years has changed how we produce, and so many other things at large.  I would say tech is a very good system but on the other hand it’s a No.  I know you will be wondering why it’s a NO, let’s go through my memory lane, tech has enabled so many things in the culinary world, making it easy for groceries, homemade food to be delivered to your doorsteps just a few clicks on your phone and some few minutes you already munching a delicious meal, (smiles) very cool, in fact so amazing.

Tech didn’t put a stop to that, to think that bots {aka robots}, now serve and receive guests is not only strange but also awkward. I know we need to improve, but where did we lost it? The main reason why we have the hospitality sections was not for people to just receive void welcomes from intelligent and programmed machines but to receive warmth from someone who possesses diversity of feelings and emotions, someone who probably might understand you not a programmed bots.

If you are not getting my points let me write a short story {enjoy}


BOTS: {imagine it in robot’s voice} HELLO! Welcome to DOXA HOTEL AND SUITES we hope to satisfy your needs. We have bla  bla blab …

GUEST: {SMILES HALF WAY} okay would just go for the presidential suite …

BOTS: {shows a tab where the customer is to log in all the info}

And that’s it business is done


HUMAN: {smiles broadly} welcome to DOXA blab la… we hope to satisfy your needs {waits to observe the guest} sir I see you are not really sure which rooms to choose, let me expatiate further

GUEST: {smiles broadly} you caught me; let me go for the presidential suite then, since you said it as all these benefits…

HUMAN: {smiles} everything you need would be provided just dial the telecom in your suites; enjoy your stay sir…

Lights fade out {smiles}

You were expecting me to write a whole book, now take your time to observe the end reaction of the guest, just so you know we are humans and the highest being that robot is limited by the abilities and knowledge its creator as imputed in it, it can never be above the human skills.

Another thing we should consider is that a whole lot of people would be rendered unemployed, especially the people that has their purpose, attached to rendering services and making sure people are satisfied and taking care of. It’s not wrong to be assisted by Bots though, but putting them in a place where the superior beings are meant to be is not balanced. You can drop your comments; I really want to know what you feel about this.

                                        SOTERIA CREATIONS.


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