It’s that time of the year when dust starts a war with our nostrils, when our respiratory tract and skin becomes dry quickly, when our lips and soles of our feet starts cracking. It’s that time of the year again where we tend to avoid white outfits and keep our hair safe.
Harmattan season is a full combo of dry air, cold, dust, this change in weather affects our health, from the body system to the skin, to eyes, the nose, to the feet. It’s important we follow some precautions. Here are the few things needed to survive during harmattan.

stay hydrated
This is very essential, not only during harmattan seasons alone but in our every day life, but this season is when we need to drink all the water we can get, and most importantly avoid carbonated drinks, a whole lot of people think that carbonated drinks helps to stay hydrated, well it’s a no. Stick to room temperature water and thank me later. Our body system needs all hydration it can get, during this season.

change outfit
During this season it tends to get very cold in the morning and nights, then gets hot in the afternoon. All you have to do is make sure you get something warm to wear in the morning and then loosen up a bit in the afternoon. When it’s time for bed cuddle yourself with warm clothing, and a pair of socks to protect your feet.

precautions against the flu
It’s a very common thing, when there is cold and dust the mother of them all is always around ‘Catarrh’,to avoid this flu, take enough vitamin c to battle against the negative effect of the weather. Take oranges.

Dryness every where, the skin cracks, the lips and the nose becomes dry from dust and cold. In this situation we need to top up our moisturizing game, I am not saying we take any moisturizing cream that we see on store shelf ‘no no no’ in fact at this period our skin needs oils that resembles the body oil, it’s not far fetched our skin needs body butter to keep the skin in its perfect shape. Use lip balms for you lips, and oils for the sole of your feet. Don’t forget to stay hydrated as well.

don't forget your hair
During this season we tend to put more attention on our skin, well the hair is also affected. We should make sure we keep our her moisturized and put on protective styles that doesn’t expose our hair to the harsh weather if possible we use caps, head ties to top up our protective game.

I know you would be wondering, how what we eat affects the weather. Well as we all the this season comes with a lot of effects, we have to help our body system adjust to it. This period we need to increase our fruit and vegetable intake. Nothing serious, just take enough vegetables and fruits to support the system. Remember if you support your body system It would support you.

stay clean
This is the highlight of this season, with all the Mr dust flying about, carrying Particles from here and there, this season most of us don’t bath at, please bath two times, wash your hands, make sure you get hand sanitizer, wipes, hand towels, a water bottle. Just to make sure you are taking precautions. I want you to be sound, safe and healthy during the Christmas and new year celebration, not with a blocked nose and itchy skin. Stay safe.


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