Wondering what farm house pottage is?  Most people think it’s yam pottage or just beans pottage, well that is why I am here wanting to offer you the best of the best, this is going to be so much fun. Beans was not my thing while growing up, fact be told beans was my worst of all dishes, probably because I didn’t see anything fantastic in it, like they say your life changes, when you change your thinking. Farm house pottages happened to be my first test in the culinary institute I studied, of course I was angry but guess what, after that days experience I observed that beans can be a very interesting and creative dish on its on, I love beans now ehn, In fact I am eating beans now (smiles).



Plantain – 3 pcs

Brown Honey beans – 1 derica

Onions – 3 bulbs (chopped)

Dried fish – 1

Boiled beef (chopped) – 500grams

Palm oil- 1/4 cup

Fresh scotch bonnet pepper (ata rodo) -4 pcs

Seasoning cube & Salt to taste.


Completely optional, but not a bad option it taste very well with the pottage.


Egu – 1 bunch

Garlic – 2 clove

Fresh Scotch bonnet – 3pcs

Onions – 1 bulb

Cray fish

Seasoning cube

Beef stock

Groundnut oil – 5 tbs


  1. Wash your beans and put to boil, after 5 mins put the chopped onions, leave to boil.
  2. Cut plantain into large cubes, shred the dried fish and wash.
  3. Grate or blend the scotch bonnet, making sure the paste is not smooth.
  4. Let’s go back to our beans, after boiling for an Hour add your plantain seasoning, salt a little, pour in your scotch bonnet ,boiled beef, and dried fish leave it to simmer for 20mins.
  5. Add your palm oil leave for 10mins.

Your farm house pottage is ready, you might want to eat with fish stew or assorted stew but I love it best with the farm house veggie.


  1. Put the Groundnut oil In a pan, add chopped pepper, chopped garlic and onions stir.
  2. Add your seasoning cube, salt and a little beef stock.
  3. Smear your Cray fish in, then add your egu bit by bit and stir. Taste for seasoning.

After adding your veggie leave for 5 mins to avoid the vegetable loosing it’s nutrient. Serve with your farm house pottage.

You can see all the goodness of farming in a dish from the beans, to the plantain, to green leaves. Don’t hesitate to try it. If it doesn’t come out like you expect it to, keep trying.

Enjoy your meal.




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