A Twitter user with the username Drew @DREW_certified recently came out boldly to profess his feelings for the popular , ever-young ,veteran actress GENEVIEVE Nnaji on twitter . The handsome gentleman did beyond people’s expectations by shooting his shot at the actress.

In his post , he politely complimented her and told her how much he finds her attractive and that he wants to give her the opportunity of knowing him better over lunch . He concluded by making it known that actress can contact him at her convenience via his DM if she accepts the “get to know me” lunch request.

In reaction to that , many twitter users have expressed their support and admiration for him , for having the boldness to take that step and aim high. A Twitter user even called him a king , while another offered to avail his car for DREW for the date , incase the veteran accepts the request and slides into his DM.

The smooth attempt by the gentleman obviously is a smart attempt by him, to ask the quadragenarian out , who know if he might be lucky. Let’s keep our fingers crossed .

Pictures of the gist is below …


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