From observation and  researches studies, it’s been discovered that drinking tea at least three times a week could reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Which is tantamount to a healthy long life.

In this part of the world, green tea, black tea, white tea and so many other teas are replaced with sugary drinks, caffeinated beverages which increases the risk of health issues, compared to some Asian countries, such as; Japan, China, Korea, North Korea just to mention but a few. They make green tea and black tea top priority.

In my opinion, I don’t like the green tea and the likes, when I take much milk and cocoa beverages or with lots of sugar, I may have the feeling of a “made day” with that combination. But results from research and survey, have shown that green tea and black tea are very healthy when taken.


A new study in China shows a pronounced benefit of drinking green tea rather than black tea.

Green tea is a richer source of flavonoids especially tea polyphenols (micronutrients which are plant based and contains antioxidants), and these bioactive compounds could protect against cardiovascular diseases. Black tea preparation is very different from green tea, it is fully fermented and tea polyphenols might oxidize into pigments and inactive during fermentation.


Bottom line is, both provides similar health benefits. Personally, green tea has helped my immune system, helped me during menstrual cramps and serves as a form of relaxation.

Hurry now, go  get a cup and try some green or black tea, you could add some honey since it‘s healthy and a natural sweetener or even sliced lemons, its vwry interesting to take that way.You sure will thank me later for this. Adios!


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