BY Bolu Martins

Doxa - Caareer Lockdown
I’m convinced that as much as everyone desires a little time out from work, no one loves the lockdown or the idea of a compulsory stay-in, which a lot of people around the world have been forced into. However, in the words of, when life throw stones at you, pick them up and build a house, in other words, this seemingly unpleasant situation can be forged into a remarkable time in your life and career. It’s time to make lemonade out of lemons. This period, I assure you, can be the best time of your career life, if only you take right steps. The ‘how’ is what I’m going to be sharing with you. I will elucidate how you can boost your career during this lockdown as many intelligent people are doing in different part of the world.
Look inwards
It is time to review and renew your goals and this is the perfect time to do that. A wise man once said that you are going to be what you pursue. As a career man or woman, what do you focus on. Sit down (You have all the day to do that) and ask yourself what you really want from life and who you really want to be. Chasing after many things at the same time as you used to do may not bethe right thing to do at this point of your career life, or perhaps you need to do much more. Look inwards and ask yourself honest questions and be true to yourself. Are there unhealthy work habits that you need to drop? Or do you need to increase tempo on your integrity, diligence, doggedness towards your job. It’s time to upgrade yourself mentally.
Build your LinkedIn profile:
Having a LinkedIn account isn’t overrated. It is of great necessity that you have a LinkedIn account (if you don’t have) or update your account. This is because a lot of employers and clients judge potential employees based on their profile. If you are an artisan you can also build your online profile, too. Check the next point.
Create a business account on social media
The world is evolving, you shouldn’t be left behind. Social media isn’t for social interaction alone it can be used to connect with clients all over the world. If you haven’t done this it’s important you do: create an Instagram account or Facebook account for your business, where you share your various works. Believe me a lot of people get jobs through this platform, both locally and internationally; you can also get your dream contract by doing this,too.
Attend online classes and trainings:
During this period experts from different part of the world from different fields are creating online master classes and trainings to help build people in their career, it is very wise to maximize this opportunities. Some of these classes issue certificates at the end of the classes, which can help spice up your CV or LinkedIn profile which serves as evidence of your professionalism. If yours isn’t the white collar job, maybe an artisan, you are not left behind, there are experts in your field that would definitely put up videos online, find them, watch them and upgrade yourself.
Take online courses:
The goal is to get better, taking online courses is one of the smartest things to during now. You have always wanted to be certified, do it now. When ‘normal life’ resumes a lot of things would be asking for your attention. Maximize this period to conveniently take that course, study, pass excellently and get certified. Udemy, Center of Excellence, and many others are platforms that would help.
Reach out to your mentors and professionals in your field by sending emails to them, replying to their comments on social media. Let them know you or be aware of you, try to develop a relationship with them, because getting their presence in your career can give it the boost it needs. Also, reach out to your fellow colleagues, you would definitely learn a thing or two from them.


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