By Daniel Bernard

relationship during this period

Amidst the many crisis the world is facing as a result of the covid 19 pandemic is the relationship crisis particularly long distance relationships. Many lovers have been so engrossed with each other in the past such that they spent virtually all their free times together, while some even live as though they are couples. The narrative has however changed as it became mandatory for many to return home and isolate oneself with one’s family, and this has been affecting a lot of relationships of which many can’t travel to meet their lovers and the feeling of cheating is setting in. How do we manage relationships in time like this and sustain it through?

Don’t be a pest: As much as every partner deserves to be constantly checked upon from time to time so as to keep the flames of love alive, don’t in a bit to show attention become a pest and detective monitoring every move of your partner. It could become annoying and might bring distrust in the relationship.

Learn to Trust your partner: no doubt trust is one of the basics of a standing relationship. In times like this, if we show too much insecurity and allow our partners notice we don’t trust them, it might break apart the relationship.

Allow some level of freedom: Allow your lover some freedom away from being with you on the phone or chats all day long. Let them learn new things, meet new friends, try new schedules among others. When your lover sees the level of trust and freedom you’ve allowed them, they’ll replicate same and you’d have enough gist and updates to share with each other when you gist and talk. Spice your conversations with new realities, so you wouldn’t run out of what to say.

Maintain Constant Communication: The relevanceĀ  of communication can not be over emphasised. Discuss your boredom, mood swings, share status updates andĀ  jokes, tell each other about a trend going viral and laugh about things.

Talk about your anger: One key thing about maintaining a distance relationship is ability to communicate your angers and disappointments. Don’t be silent and assume the other person would notice. Talk things through and learn to say sorry’ it goes a long way.

Don’t be carried away from temporal show of affection by a third party: Many people are bored and at such have the time to show care and attention. Don’t be deceived, they are temporal. Respect your partners attention and never take such for granted.

After all, a saying goes thus: if you fail in the days of adversity, then it means your strength is weak. If covid19 gets the better of your love life and could separate you and your partner, then your love for each other was never strong. Decide to survive this season with your lover and remember, this is only a trial time. For the sake of the roses, water the thorns of the moment.


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