Irish Potato
Potatoes are seen as comfort foods either richly mashed or crisply fried in vegetable oil, but when prepared these ways, they can lead to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease, according to the HARVARD SCHOOLOF PUBLIC HEALTH. Potatoes are good source of vitamin C and B6,manganese,phosphorus and pantothenic acid. So I thought to myself this nutrients I want them to, rather than frying them I came up with a great idea. Everyone loves pepper soup, very easy to prepare.



#Potatoes(irish or sweet) (5pcs)

#Fish(any fish you love)

#pepper soup spice (2 table spoon)


#chilli pepper

#seasoning to taste


Usaully we all Peel our potatoes but I had to do a research about it,the potato peel hold most of the nutrient a potatoes as to offer,so I suggest you wash them thoroughly to avoid dirt,after that you cut into desired sizes and put to boil for 10mins then wash and add your fish to boil for 5 mins,add your pepper soup Spice, chilli pepper .cray fish leave to cook for 10 mins…

Smiles it’s ready,You can decide to add vegetables like carrots,or scent leaf.

Serve hot.


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