Doxa - Corona Virus

Without question, this article might bother your mind as it might enlighten us towards the reality we might eventually experience in the African society. No one wishes for this kind of crisis, with its scaling gradually going out of hand. We might need to look at this subject from a different perspective. This question is drafted due to high level of asymptomatic patients in Africa. Can we fully eradicate this virus? For some reasons doubt comes up, for the fact that we have reported cases doubling every day and high rate of asymptomatic patients is enough to bring up the above question.

The NIGERIA CENTRE FOR DISEASE CONTROL (NCDC) has established a ‘corona virus preparedness group’ that includes representatives from port health services of Federal Ministry of Health and other stake holders. It meets daily to review the situation globally, assess the risk of spread and improve the level of preparedness based on new findings. Which simply means some people are in charge of trying to find solution and giving necessary updates.

In summary, there are variations across individuals in the clinical manifestations of COVID-19 or more diseases. From observations, we should pay attention on how to prevent people from being infected by asymptomatic patient. The best way to defeat this pandemic is for all African countries to test for all her citizen in the absence of a vaccine that can cure this disease. Without that, patient who has been discharged is still at risk of contacting it if proper care isn’t taken.
Doxa - Stay safe


People with high risk of contacting this virus are majorly the elderly and people with prior health condition (relating to respiratory conditions). Once a person contacts this virus, symptoms of fever on an average of 5-6 days become noticeable after infection. Basically, creating an awareness here with this piece of information. In truth, the virus isn’t the one causing panic amongst people but FALSE NEWS and IGNORANCE. We can defeat this virus with the right knowledge. Don’t give FALSE information to others. Adhere to instructions given to you, the health organizations are trying all they can. All we need is stay positive and give positive vibes. Stay home to curb the spread of the virus, it’s for our benefit. Africa is a nation filled with Never Die Spirit- Let’s keep hope alive.

Stay Home.
Stay Safe.
Stay isolated.


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