This widely accepted business ethic- ‘Customer is always right’ reeks of hypocrisy and sentiments, because at the end of the day, the seller or service provider is usually at the receiving end. I wonder actually if there’s a part of this business law that protects the employees, and makes it null and void if the customer is found to be dubious, unruly and unnecessarily difficult.

Firstly, the rationale behind this business ethic is to provide utmost satisfaction to a customer, makes them happy even if you have to go out of your way to make them come back for more.
These reasons are quite understandable because one of the key goals of a business is to retain a plethora of happy customers. Every business owner will definitely find several legal means to make them happy.
Owning/managing a business that sells or provides services requires proper understanding of dealing with customers. Here are a few reasons they say customers are always right:

It’s a good business ethic: This is one of the most popular and important business ethic that everyone should understand if they want to thrive.

it’s a good standard for excellence: This is to upscale services for excellence on the part of the service providers or seller.

To protect the image of the business: Image protection is a big deal for every business. People have to be convinced that you treat people well. You can sell great stuff, and still don’t have customers. People want to be pampered when they visit your store.
Acting otherwise can be very bad for the business: This means that when you don’t treat your customers right, the effect might be so bad that it would reduce sales and smear the image of the brand. One customer represents a hundred people out there, which is why word of mouth remains the biggest advantage and disadvantage of a business. If a customer is satisfied or not, they spread the word first to people close to them, and then the word begins to fly around. Against all odds, try to treat them right

Now that we have established why they say customers are always right, let’s talk about the dubious, unruly, difficult-to-please customers, and how to handle them, just in case you meet them. It’s important to understand the basic rule that customers are very important to your business, in fact, they are the movers and shakers of your business. Without them, you really aren’t doing anything, because the major reason you sell or provide service to people is to make money, without them, you can’t achieve that.

When you meet a dubious customer, here’s what to do:
Be very patient with them, because most of them understand how important they are to your business, and they try to take advantage of it.
Remain courteous and calm
Never exchange words with an angry and rude customer
Report to a higher authority immediately before the customer sends a mail or calls to give a false report
Understand that not all customers are important to your business, hence treat them accordingly. This is very tricky, and it’s not to imply that some customers are bigger than the others, but you just know when someone is being ridiculous and is not really ready to do business with you.
Don’t attach their anger to your personality. It most likely has nothing to do with you. It’s about the product and the brand.
Always refer back to your policy when the customer demands for too much.
Stay tactful, stern, polite and be on top of your game.
in the case of physical combat, always involve the security team and never be found beating or yelling at a customer irrespective of their attitude. You need to keep your job too.

As much as customers are very important, service providers or employees are truly more important, because they make things happen. It will not be nice to always smear yourself esteem or personality all in the name of retaining customers. This business ethic makes the service provider or seller very sad a lot of times, because at the end of them day, irrespective of how bad the customer was, they are respected and rated more than the employees. It gives people an undeserved advantage over the employees. It is important to balance things up there. Respect your Seller, treat your customers well too.


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