I am very sure you would be wondering if I was going to say an Avocado story, “smiles” well it’s something related, we all know about the benefits of Avocado, if not all the benefit we know few of them, but don’t you think we are forgetting something essential the “AVOCADO SEED” the very core of the avocado, so much benefits to be unveiled. Let’s keep reading;
Now you know it’s the avocado seed I am talking about, I am sure you are asking yourself if the seed is edible, you would even go farther in your thoughts imaging how the seed is beneficial.
NOTE; The California Avocado commission specifically states that there is not enough facts to know how good the seed is for you basically, it recommends we stick to the overwhelming nutritional benefits of the Avocado flesh but guess what its natural there is no harm in experimenting. On the other hand, some researchers find it healthy to consume and also a good ingredient for cosmetics.
Below are some of the benefits I found so feel free to make a choice, remember to always take precautions when trying anything new or that has not been backed up with vivid facts.


  1. AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT SOURCE; According to the study performed by the National University of Singapore, the Avocado seed provides more antioxidants activity than some more commonly eaten fruits parts. The study shares that the seed may actually contain more than 70 percent of the antioxidant found in the entire fruit {the Avocado} which makes the Avocado seed a powerful antioxidant source.
  2. DIGESTIVE REMEDIES; Dysentery is a disorder of a digestive tract that results in both colon and intestinal inflammation oops we all know how bad it feels when we have difficulties ‘with digestion it often cause diarrhea ,well the seed  is a possible solution to this challenges.
  3. ANTI-TUMOR PROPERTIES ; While human studies are still necessary to confirm this benefits , test in rats and mice indicates that the nutrients in avocado seed have anti –tumor properties. According to the ‘ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMMON NATURAL INGREDIENTS USED IN FOOD,DRUGS AND COSMETIS’, avocado seeds posses condensed flavones that is responsible for this property.
  4. SKIN CARE; what is good for the body system is also  a trial for the skin,  avocado seed is helpful to the skin just like the flesh itself, it also helps to open the pores and tones the skin color.

I am very sure you would be wondering how it would be consumed, smiles. Below would show how to use the seed.


Avocado can be found at the mall, markets. I recommend making sure the avocado is ripe, it would be a bit soft but firm, if it feels mushy probably it’s too ripe, I don’t know if it affects the nutritional value of the seed but what I do know is if you want to consume the seed it as to be ground up into powder. And to do this you have to dry it up, you can either put in a oven 250 degrees or you dry in the sun for at least 3 days, Now that you have dried it out, remove the outer skin it would be very easy to remove, dice the seed into halves or smaller pieces depending on the capacity of your blender, then you toss into your blender after cutting blend until it has reached a powder consistency. You can also grate it or use mortar and pestle. Store in a sealed container, in your refrigerator.

Now that you have this powder, what do you do to it? Since its bitter cause of the tannins it contains, using it with other fruits like banana, pineapple and avocado to make smoothie may be cool, you can sprinkle it on salads, ice cream, you can also make it has tea, all you need do is boil water and add to 2 tsp of the avocado seed.

From what I observe you should have grasped one or few things. Always remember to stay healthy.




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