Now this is very important to me, I am like if you tell me, you are a great cook and then you do some practical in my presence and your etiquette level is poor, it’s a no for me. Cooking Etiquette is about showing respect and doing the right thing at all times, including when you cook for guests, or your kits and kin’s make sure you follow right procedures. It’s difficult to take precautions, if you don’t know what they are. I would help with some guidelines.

  • Avoid food poisoning; It’s an awful thought , but the rate of people who suffer food poisoning increase by the day, amongst some who are hospitalized and an appalling death occur due to improper cooking procedures. Cooking etiquette is a serious consideration, as you would not want to anyone or food vendors to feed you something that has been undercooked or mishandled.
    As you cook, make sure all your utensils are clean, the food is fresh, and there is no cross contamination for example when you cut a chicken on the chopping board make sure you disinfect it or use another to cut your vegetables.
  • Keep food at the appropriate temperature; paying attention to all food temperature is important when dealing with food safety. In general your refrigerator should be set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder and your freezer should be zero degrees or below. Get a food thermometer for chickens, beef, and hot oil.
  • Check the dates; very essential to check the dates of all item purchased like can foods, packed foods.
  • Keep cold food cold and hot food hot; nothing like lukewarm even when serving God you either keep your relationship hot or cold no sitting on the fence. Luke warm food doesn’t taste great at all, you can put ice beneath foods that should be cold then use heating trays or re warm the food by steaming process. Try not to leave any food, whether cold or hot , out longer than two hours , they should be consumed within three days.
  • Be conscious of strong odors; no one wants to eat food that smells like last night fish.
  • After cooking make sure all utensils are washed and your working area cleaned up.
  • Make sure you hair covered.
  • Jewelries are not be worn in the kitchen.
  • Make sure bins are far from the cooking area to avoid contamination.
    It’s important to learn more about the dos and don’ts but knowing these etiquette would help a lot and reduce food poisoning. Always remember to stay healthy.




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