“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong” – Germany Kent
If you’re reading this, that means you’re doing one of the above (Which of them are you actually doing?) These days, a lot of people spend most of their time online. You are probably not surprised, either because you are one of them or you know about them. It’s important that you learn how to take advantage of being online by learning or reading about new stuff everyday.

There are online jobs you can do to earn money, experience or knowledge, and they are at your fingertips, yes, right there.
Social media manager: As much as this entails more than just being familiar with social media, it’s the foundation. Social media managers build an online community for brands, engage with their followers and basically serve as a link between the brand and its audience. It is important to note that, there’s hardly any brand or sphere of life that is not online, because they want have an online presence and create awareness, and social media managers play a vital role in achieving their objectives online. People are hired through networking or directly pitching your ideas to brands.

Content creator: Have you seen some adverts lately, and you are amazed at the storytelling? Or you see a very good graphics on a social media platform, and you wonder how those words were carefully put together? Well, search no further, that and many more is the job of a content creator. They provide creative information in different contexts to any media. Content creators can contribute to any field or sphere as long as they are interested in it and can write about it. The most important part of content creation is creativity and ability to connect to your audience.

Graphics designer: If you can assemble images, motion graphics, texts to form a creative piece, then you can work as a graphics designer. There are several applications that will help you to learn the basics and become conversant with it, for example, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva etc. It offers great opportunities to work for companies or individuals that needs proper branding. The major requirement for this is creativity. You must apply creativity and simplicity into your designs, and keep learning on the job. People can simply connect with you online to make designs for them, and you get paid or not, if you are a freelancer, which absolutely not a bad idea as well.

Social media influencer: An influencer is one who has established credibility, loyalty and trust in a particular field and has access to a large number of audience/followers ,and can persuade them to do some things based on recommendation. In order to be an influencer, you must have a niche and know it so well that you have credibility to persuade people to follow a brand or patronize them. An influencer may be a blogger, vlogger, celebrity, entrepreneur, speaker and a whole lot. You can use your social media pages to promote charitable causes, businesses, events, or brands that are closely related to your niche.

Affiliate marketing: This is earning a commission while promoting other people or company ‘s products. This is a simple process of finding a product that interests you, closely related to your niche, or that seems like a good deal for your platform, promote these products with the company’s consent of course, and make good sale. You can do affiliate marketing with your blog or website. It is an ideal sales channel for online businesses.

Online jobs are not limited to the ones mentioned above, there are lots of online jobs you can do to earn money, knowledge or experience. Often times, you might be required to work as a freelancer first, depending on the kind of online job you’re doing. Online jobs are one of the many advantages of being online. You can create, manage, learn, share, network and connect with other users online.


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