By Uche Anyika

Virtually most businesses didn’t see the lockdown coming. Most importantly, these businesses have a lot to recover from.

You got to look at weeks with no income. More than that, customers will inarguably be hard to gather once again.

This situation has nothing to do with the problems of your business but the overall condition of the world as it stands. However, countries are slowly easing the lockdown.

How do you intend to get your business up and running again despite all that is going on? Especially when your firm couldn’t jump on the taking-my-business-online wagon.

Here are a few suggestions.

Diversify your product offering

Have you been thinking about adding to your income streams? Well, now, post-lockdown is the perfect time to implement this option.

Diversifying your business offering will ensure that you, first, interact with new people and get to satisfy more needs.

Secondly, you get more money from this action, ultimately increasing your business revenue pre-lockdown. How do you this?

Look at, especially what is selling now relative to what you offer. For instance, cleaning materials-based enterprises are making more bleaches. There is a high demand for face masks and affordable hand sanitisers.

These ventures were not here before all this, but now? Note again that firms offering these products are businesses that sell similar products.

What more can your enterprise give at this moment?

Redefine product offering

Change is constant. As much of a cliché, this statement is, it is a fact. While diversifying your income may seem convenient enough, you still need to work on your initial goods or services.

You don’t expect everything to go suddenly back to the way it was, do you? Of course not! Things have changed even if it for a bit or at the moment. The difference is there.

What do you do? Change with it. No, it not every aspect of the daily procedure. Tweak services to fit the needs of your customers. One area is home delivery.

(via Jumia)

Many businesses are making plans to add this to their other approaches to dealing with people if they have not already done that before.

It’s more than just at-home delivery, just know you can’t sell exactly what you sold before.

Reach out to previous and prospective customers

Since most people are stuck in their homes, you have to make them come to you. Like previously discussed, things won’t go back to the way they used to before.

You have most likely lost some of your previous clients. This loss has nothing to do with not having strong brand loyalty. It is just down to convenience.

I was not saying you will lose all your clients but a few. What to do? Reach out to them. I will assume that you have their contact or someway you can communicate with them.

Remind them of your services. While the lockdown period would have been the perfect time for this, you can still do it now.

As for prospective customers, create a marketing campaign directed at them. Find a way to get their contact. You don’t want to spam their email while you are at it, but it is an excellent way to remind people of how you can solve their problems.

Communicating your redefined offerings add another layer to the relationship you are trying to cultivate.

Communicate safety to customers by keeping them up to date

With the rate of those infected with the COVID-19 and deaths increasing, you have to tell people exactly why they need to approach your venture. What are you doing to curb the spread?

How do you intend to keep customers safe? These are questions you should have answers to. Recently, I received an email from an online store.


I hadn’t intended to order anything or bought something for close to 5 months.

However, they sent a detailed description of how their delivery guys were implementing specific measures. All this was to tell me how they were making an effort to curb the spread of the virus, thus keeping me safe.

Do they have to do that? Yes and no. No, because three months ago, it was unnecessary, but yeah, they did. Do something like that.

Keep people up to date on the measures you are taking. This will assure them you are doing something that doesn’t put them at risk of doing business with you.

Create a preparedness plan

Now, this strategy might not seem like an active input, but it is as important as the other strategies discussed. One reason, your business, and others are likely taking a big hit now are because of the lack of a preparedness plan.

There is something called the unanticipated crisis plan. Few businesses indulge themselves. These companies are the ones who can maintain their market status or experience a slight dip in revenue.

A preparedness or an unanticipated crisis plan will help your enterprise better cope with what is coming. Even if you don’t know what it is happening, bear in mind something will likely occur.

It might not be in a year or two, but having a plan in place will keep your venture from crashing. Do this as soon as your business starts back up if you haven’t previously.

Your business is more likely to succeed if you do something about it. Always seek new ways to improve, especially at a time like this. You will undoubtedly see the results. So, what have you been doing to get your business making profits again? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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