By: Oluwatoyosi Adegunle (Yo Hair Xperience)
shea butter
Shea butter comes from the Karate tree also called the Shea tree. This tree grows naturally in Africa. Its fruit consists of a thin nutritious pulp that surrounds a large oil rich seed from which the Shea butter is extracted.
While many people don’t like this oil basically because of its odd smell, Shea butter is by far the most commonly used oil for the hair, because it is accessible and cheap (at least the non-processed ones).
It is important to understand the texture of your hair before applying a certain quantity of Shea butter on your hair. If you have a thin and oily or soft hair, it should be applied in little portion; if you have a thick and full hair (like mine), it should be applied a little more than the former.
Shea butter is majorly used to soften the hair before plaiting or styling. It is also used to moisturize all hair types especially the thick and frizzy ones.
Applying an extreme amount of Shea butter causes build up (unnecessary storage of oil) on the scalp and root of your hair, which gives room for more dirt and dandruff on the hair. To avoid this, apply on tip of the hair or melt the Shea butter naturally (the sun) or through fire, let it cool for few seconds and apply on your scalp.


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