By Bolu Martins

Doxa - Food

Certainly, every Nigerian and everyone who has been to Nigeria can attest to its varieties of good, tantalizing dishes. This is an outstanding feature of this beautiful country, aside its rich culture and intelligent people – plethora of distinctively delicious delicacies stemming from different tribes. Research has it that there about 250 ethnic tribes in Nigeria with distinct culture and languages, although the major ones are Igbo, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba.

Incredibly, all these different tribes boast of their own unique local dishes; notwithstanding, there is always a king of all. In this article, I’m going to unveil with no prejudice the tribe in Nigeria with the best dishes, and ofcourse why.

When considering the best in terms of food, one looks out for the most delicious, appealing, creative, and above all, highly nutritious. After thorough investigation, it was found that the Yoruba tribe has the best dishes. Come along as I show you some amazing things discovered about the Yoruba dishes.


Gbegiri Soup

Doxa -Gbegiri

This is prepared by soaking brown beans or black eyed beans till it is soft enough to be semi liquified (by blending or mashing). Seasoning are added to it and palmoil, and the result is something tasty. It is best eaten with ewedu, amala and tuwo.

Ewa Agoyin

Doxa - Ewa Agoyin

Unlike the conventional beans porridge, Yorubas came up with something tasty and creative: mashed beans. It is eaten with a peppery, unique sauce. Best served with bread.

Moin Moin

Doxa - Moi moi

This is beans pudding. It is made by blending skinless beans with scotch bonnet,skinless onions, red pepper, with the mixture of oil.


Doxa - Akara

Popular called beans cake, this delighting snack is made of skinned, pureed black eye beans and fried with palm oil or vegetable oil. It is easy to prepare and very healthy.


Efo Riro

Doxa - Efo Riro

A very tantalizing spinach soup which is spiced up with pepper sauce, crayfish, dried fish, onion, and our indispensable iru (locust beans).

Ewedu Soup

Doxa - Ewedu Soup

This sumptuous finger licking soup is made from whisking rigorously or blending the jute mallow leaf. Aside its amazing taste, it is highly medicinal.

Okro Soup

Doxa - okro

Ila and ila alasepo are the conventional style of cooking okro soup in Yoruba land. This delicious soup which can be mixed with any other soup is courtesy, Yoruba Land. It is prepared by grating the Okra plant.


Yorubas are crazy about yams!


Doxa - ikokore

This is prepared by grating water yam, cutting into balls and cooking it with dried fish and palm oil.


Doxa - ojojo

This mouth watering snack is made by frying grated water yam. This is the main dish of the Ijebus.


Doxa - Iyan

This legendary swallow, the pride of all morsel, has its roots in Yoruba Land. It is made by cutting fresh yams and pounding it. The English translation of Iyan is Pounded Yam.



This popular finger licking snack started off as a household meal before it got out into the street. Dundun is made by frying yam in palm oil.



What is a Yoruba gathering without Amala? Yoruba people are renowned for this particular swallow. It is made by cooking Yam flour, and can be eaten with any soup, preferably Gbegiri mixed with Ewedu.


Doxa - Asaro

Envision fluffy yam chunks stirred in seasoned pepper sauce, drenched in Palmolive and spiced with crayfish and dried fish – that is Asaro, the Yoruba style of mashed yam pottage


Doxa - ebiripo

Another heartwarming delicacy made from grated coco yam placed in a banana peel and steamed in boiling water. The taste is top notch and can be eaten with any good soup.


Egusi Soup

Doxa - Egusi

It is prepared with grounded melon seed stirred in hot palm oil and pepper sauce, with vegetables preferably.


Ofada Rice

Doxa - Ofada

This is local rice prepared and kept in banana leaves with a special sauce .

The list is almost endless. For the sake of space all Yoruba dishes can not be included.

Other tribes have wonderful, tantalizing dishes, there is no debate about that. However, in terms of creativity, varieties, taste, nutrition, no other tribe is the richest than Yoruba. Make it a goal to try your hands on any of these finger licking Yoruba meals if you haven’t, they are worth tasting in one’s lifetime. Remember this: Good food is good life. And you can only help others when you’ve learnt to take care of yourself. Enjoy your week.



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