Since the Dawn of time mankind has always shown a certain level of intimacy to one another which varies. Some are just mere friendship and some entails more than what meets the eye which can also be called ‘Relationship’. Evidently there a more than just one type to this term, but we are only going to focus on FOUR.

open relationship
Have you ever loved someone so much and still feel the need to be with someone else? You might just want to consider an Open relationship.

An open relationship is when you have a strong deal, feelings with your partner but then have external bodies outside the relationship which can also stand in for some opportunities and privileges, but still in the state of truthfulness and openness to one partner. Nothing good comes without it flaws. Open relationship can also risk sabotaging your relationship and create emotional problems for both you and your partner as a result of Jealousy, attention and other factors.

This is considered the best way to test the strength of a relationship. Staying miles apart can put the strength and level of commitment in the relationship to test,
Here, partners don’t always have the chance to spend intimate time with each other except through phone calls and social networks which can’ be as real as being next to each other. Long distance relationship is either based on trust. It has so many disadvantages especially when the trust is shaken.
It puts one’s heart at risk and it’s often temporary because everyone wish to have their loved ones closer to them, some believe in long distance relationship but sometimes we don’t really know what we want till we experience the opposite.

There are ways you can satisfy your sexual needs without having an emotional connection with the partner. It’s just the sex you want and it’s only the sex you’ll get.
In a causal sex relationship, partners mostly don’t share any level of intimacy, or care about who the person is with. Their primary objective is to please their sexual needs and the rest is undeniably out of their concern.

This is the 21st century and the rate at which celibacy is practiced is very low, not to mention celibacy in a relationship. Asexual relationship is often rare. it’s the lack of sexual attraction towards each other in a relationship. It is where the partners are in a relationship but not for the sexual fun of it. It can be the best way to show affection or respect for you partner most especially when one of the two is a virgin. Asexual person can also be attracted to people of same gender, different and multiple ones just for the state of being romantic and not sexual.



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