By Daniel Bernard

Doxa - Why do men cheat

Okay, firstly there are a million and one excuses that have been put forward to justify the reasons why men cheat. These excuses ranges from the genetic and biological made up of a man, societal, historical, and religious perception on the notion of men having capacity to be with more than one woman among other reasons. This is not to say cheating is right, but you’ll agree it has become an Occurrent phenomenon, not just with the male gender, but even with the female gender as the society embraces different shades of feminism.

However, let’s look at the most common ones.

The ugly effect of patriarchy on men themselves: The society has normalized an abnormality as bad as cheating for men. They’ve made it look like a very important feature of being a man and if as a man, you don’t cheat, you’re definitely an”exception to the rule”. Some men cheat because they refused to go for their kind of woman (could be anything) with the hope of changing her forgetting she’s been the way she is for some years and ┬áthe moment they see their kind of women they’re definitely led into temptation. This is very sensitive. You can’t be a thick woman or slim woman lover and you’re seeing the otherwise of what you really are attracted to, for what so ever reason. Sooner or later, you’ll revert back to your original taste.

Distance: Some men can’t just handle distance relationship and they won’t be sincere to themselves. Distance relationship aren’t meant for everyone. Know your ability and control prowess and work with same.

Some men are nymphs (it’s not a crime and can be managed) and therefore a woman can’t satisfy their sexual pleasure especially when not well managed.

Some men cheat as a penalty for a fault in their partner. As much as there is a reason for this, it is not justifiable as one can decide to write to right the faults of one’s partner. This happens when a man is with a woman who is sexually boring. Whose sex life is monotonous; onestyle, one pattern every time. No sexual spice or whatsoever.

This can push a man outside. Some men also cheat as revenge or pay back on how bad they’ve been treated by a lady. Some men starts flirting around after they’ve been ┬áhurt, particularly when they’ve been sincere all their life, and suddenly discovered their partner to have been cheating all along. Some men cheat to be tagged big boy, bad boy and the likes, And finally, some men cheat for the fun of it without no reason.



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