Doxa - Love

Can we actually conclude that love is just enough to sustain a relationship? to keep it going (rolling) and hold partners together in endless romance?

To answer this question, it would be very reasonable to first understand the context of love we are dealing with and how it is arguably enough. Many have opined that love is never enough while listing other virtues needed to supplement love. They however fail to understand that to detach love from attributes like forgiveness, trust, communication, tolerance, understanding, and even money, is to limit the comprehension of the basis of love, thus  flattening its essence. Love is the fulfillment of all these. In other words, love is incomplete without these.

Doxa - Love

Love is the perfect understanding of another’s frailty and still choosing to trust and stay committed to that person, employing forgiveness to balance up for faults and attending to that person’s needs through care and attention. Forgiveness is love. Commitment is love. Trust, communication, attention and the likes are offsprings of love.

Guess we can now agree that love is enough.

Doxa Love

Love is enough because only love has the ability to heal our wounds, compel us to forgive and move on even when strength fails. Love makes the heart flutter and the mouth stutter. Love has the power to withstand tussles and come out stronger. Love strengthens our hearts to pick up shattered pieces and make an amazing story out of it. Love keeps us breathing and hoping for more from life;  for without love, our hearts and world would not have experienced life. Love is the light that shines through the dark places of our hearts and constantly illuminates our minds with astonishing  realities.





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